How can I find out if there is availability for the day that I intend to take a cruise?
Directly on our website in the "cruises" menu, after selecting a program
By email geral@barcadouro.pt
By telephone +351 223 722 415


How can I make a reservation?
Sending an email to reservas@barcadouro.pt
At the Barcadouro office located at Av. Ramos Pinto, store 240 at Cais de Gaia
Or at any Travel Agency near you mentioning Barcadouro Cruises in the Douro.


Can I purchase a gift voucher on a date to be defined later?
Yes. You should send an email to reservas@barcadouro.pt expressing an interest in purchasing a voucher gift. Informing the intended cruise, number of participants and the name of the voucher holder.


Do you need a special meal?
You must make a special meal request at the time of your cruise reservation and at least 24 hours prior to departure.


How can I pay?
By bank transfer (national or international)
Millenium BCP Account Number: 249988692
IBAN: PT 50 0033 000000 24998869205
Multibanco or cash, in the office of the Barcadouro.

We request a bank transfer receipt to reservas@barcadouro.pt with the name of the reservation holder


How do I know if my reservation is confirmed?
The reservation is only considered effective after written confirmation from the Reservations Department.


Where is the Barcadouro boarding pier?
In Gaia: in the dock base located in the Cais de Gaia, near the cable car building. If you come in direction Ponte D. Luís to the Arrábida Bridge, by the river, our boats are the first. GPS coordinates 41˚8'14 "N ּ 8˚36'54''W
In Régua: Douro Avenue, Peso da Régua. GPS coordinates 41˚9'40 "N ּ 7˚47'27''W
In Pinhão: Rua da Praia, Pinhão Vila Real. GPS coordinates 41˚11'24 "N ּ 7˚32'52''W
In Pocinho: GPS coordinates 41˚8'5 "N ּ 7˚6'31''W


What is the meeting point with the guide of the Barcadouro, in the São Bento station?
In S. Bento station, our guides will be in the main lobby of the station, under the information panel of Departures and Arrivals.


What documents should I bring to boarding?
You must bring the reservation confirmation voucher / email where the cruise name, the date, the name of the person in charge of the reservation and the number of passengers are shown. If for any reason you do not have the printed voucher you can display the voucher in digital format.


How much time in advance should I consider for my arrival prior to check-in / boarding?
For shipment to take place as normal, we advise you to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of the program.


What number should I call if I need help before boarding?
You should call +351 223 722 415 or your Travel Agent number.


How can I cancel my reservation?
The cancellation of any reservation by the Client obliges you to pay 15%, 30%, 75% or 100% of the total price of the cruise depending on whether the cancellation is made in advance of, respectively, 30, 15, 7, 3 or less days of the cruise start date.
In addition, the Client will be charged all expenses and charges incurred by Barcadouro with bank charges, transportation, hotels or any other non-refundable charges.

What languages ​​do the guides of the Barcadouro speak?
They are fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Where is the D. João I car park located, where you can enjoy a 20% discount when traveling with Barcadouro?
D. João I car park is located next to the lower board of D. Luis I bridge, on the edge of Vila Nova de Gaia.
Address: Rua General Torres, s / n
4430-180 Vila Nova de Gaia


What services are included in the Retail Price?
Included are all services mentioned in the description of the program (can be: meals, transfers, rail or bus transportation, accommodation and visits to Farms of the Region).


Are there any pre-defined / reserved seats on board?
The Barcadouro reserves the right to randomly assign or reserve seats on the lower deck of the vessel. In the solar deck there are no pre-defined / reserved places nor the possibility of doing so.


Is there a bar service along the cruise?
Yes, the bar service is always operational throughout the cruise.
Not included in Retail Price


The five vessels that are part of the Barcadouro fleet are likely to be chartered to special private and corporate events?
Yes. We ask you to send the request to reservas@barcadouro.pt with the description of the program of the event that you intend to do (include: date, number of passengers, program, duration, etc.). Subsequently a commercial promoter of Barcadouro will contact you.

What boat do I travel in?
At Barcadouro you have 5 boats, being assigned to each route the most suitable boat at the moment. Until the moment of shipment, Barcadouro reserves the right to change the vessel without prior notice.
logistic and operational issues, the Barcadouro will name the vessel to operate on a cruise-by-cruise logic.

Are the boats of Barcadouro equipped with all the insurance and equipment required by law?
Yes. The vessels are equipped with all the equipment required by law, duly insured and inspected by the competent authorities.